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The Brazilian government forces people to deal with demonstrations organized during the World Cup


Xinhua News Agency in Rio de Janeiro on January 3 sports news ( reporter Zhao Yan Chen Wei Hua ) , according to the 3rd Globo network reported that cheap nhl jerseys the Brazilian federal government set up a 1 million to support the 2014 explosion forces the host city for the World Cup 12 police forces to deal with events demonstrations and violence may occur during .


The person in charge of the force colonel Aragon said the state by the 2011 explosion troops began training the armed public security forces , composed in the cheap hockey jerseys Confederations Cup last year, the procession began their training and were strengthened and improved. May 2007 , when President Lula signed a decree to set up a team of armed police, police , firefighters and state experts , before they were sent to a special task trained to perform temporary assignments .


Colonel Aragon said:wholesale nhl jerseys "The country's armed forces are not a common armed forces we only be mobilized in the event of a crisis , we can perform special tasks to perform 42 tasks simultaneously wholesale nhl jerseys canada across the country during the World Cup , there are 10,000 people . . participate proof task, we can be held simultaneously in 12 cities in action . "

Although Brazilian states also have their own explosion forces ,wholesale hockey jerseys but few in number , but only one hundred people with professional quality. Maximum number of troops Sao Paulo explosion in the implementation of public safety task forces often need the support of the federal government , so the federal government requires states to determine the number of support needed in the end of January this year .


Based on the experience during the authentic nhl jerseys Confederations Cup last year , all of the host city will have the support of the federal government sent troops , some of the tasks identified in advance , such as support for police patrols around the stadium martial law to control sections of the procession , as well as some of the barracks standby , ready to respond to emergencies .


Colonel Aragon said: "From the 1930 World Cup ,authentic hockey jerseys the organizers will face a number of demonstrations in 2010 South Africa World Cup , 2006 World Cup in Germany and the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea during the march , but there during the cheap nhl jerseys china Confederations Cup last year's parade. the shocking outbreak of violence in Rio de Janeiro, there are many police officers were injured , which makes us decide specially trained armed forces . "


Brazilian federal government in the capital, Brasilia, wholesale nhl jerseys china set up special training institutions, regulatory action explosion forces , as they can use pepper spray , tear gas , rubber bullets and other non-lethal weapons during the demonstrations. In addition, in cheap nhl jerseys canada Brasilia also has a command center , the host city for real-time monitoring of all cases .